The North Yorkshire Gallery is home to a stunning range of images, pictures, photos and canvas prints depicting the city of York.

One of the most picturesque and historic cities in the UK, York is a favourite for tourists and travellers of all ages and continues to draw in crowds to the city throughout the year. By in between the rivers Ouse and Foss, this ancient city has been home to the Romans, the Vikings and more, and this history is clearly shown in the rich variety of architecture and culture on display here.

A Brief History of York

The Romans who founded the city named the original settlement Eboracum, and due to its position it soon thrived as a place for trades and craftsmen. When the Vikings invaded in 876 they sacked the city, but many stayed and settled in the area, renaming the city Jorvik in their Danish language.

From that moment on the city continued to thrive and develop. The York Minster was officially consecrated in 1472 following some 250 years of construction. Other historic buildings and monuments include the ancient City Walls, York Castle and York Dungeons, which are complemented by more modern tourist attractions like the National Railway Museum. Visitors to the area can also venture into narrow medieval streets like the Shambles for shopping, festivals and cultural events.

By day or by night, York provides our landscape photographers with a stunning mix of cityscapes and natural photography to be looked on and enjoyed. Please browse through our selection of photos, images and canvas print pictures or contact us for more information.

Outstanding Quality of Images, Pictures and Prints

At The North Yorkshire Gallery we offer a stunning range of landscape photographs, taken from various key positions around York. We aim to showcase the city as we believe it is meant to be seen. Each image in our gallery has been taken by our landscape photographer Laurie Smithies and is available for purchase in the following formats:

  • Fine Art Canvas Print
  • Framed Photos
  • Mounted Photos
  • Photo Only

All images purchased from us have been produced to the highest industry standards, including the use of an Epsom 9900 printer for excellent picture clarity and longevity.