Whitby - The North Yorkshire GalleryThe North Yorkshire Gallery is home to a vast collection of iconic pictures that successfully capture the beauty of the scenic county of North Yorkshire. Our timeless images of the town of Whitby are taken and produced to offer simply breathtaking results. Situated at the mouth of the River Esk, on the East Coast of Yorkshire, Whitby is one of the most popular seaside destinations in the area and regularly attracts thousands of visitors. Famous for its eclectic mix of sunshine, fishing and alternative culture as well as a wide range of quaint shops, cobbled streets, bars, pubs and restaurants, Whitby is an enchanting location that many tourists fall in love with year upon year.

One of the most striking and memorable landmarks to be found in Whitby is the Abbey. The ruins overlook the North Sea on the East Cliff with the site museum located in the nearby Cholmley House. Part of the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, Whitby Abbey is an essential stop when visiting the town. Steeped in rich history and offering an atmospheric setting it can be seen in many of our high quality and professionally produced images.

There are of course many other locations and attractions to enjoy in Whitby town and there is no better way to retain wonderful memories of your trip than beautifully produced prints. The panoramic view from the Prince George Bridge is stunningly picturesque. From the sunrise over the port to the silhouette of the church of St. Hilda situated at the cliff top the Prince George Bridge makes a fabulous addition to any collection and recalls vivid memories of your visit no matter where you are in the world.

Our vast and varied selection contains many other iconic images including the 199 Steps. Another part of the town featured in the Gothic novel Dracula, the steps remain one of the most popular spots and are regularly climbed by tourists from all over the globe. Whitby Harbour is a fantastic vantage point and offers exhilarating views whatever the time of day. Whether you prefer the harbour in the evening or a shot at sunrise we carry a selection of prints for you to choose from.

Canvases, Prints and Photos Available

As a professional landscape photography firm with a genuine love of this historic seaside town, we have dedicated ourselves to capturing stunning images from its various vantage points. Our gallery contains a wide selection of pictures that have been taken at different times of the day, particularly those when light can be at its most captivating.

Our images of Whitby are selected from a mixture of well known and popular sites together with our own images produced from the unique perspective of our skilled and experienced landscape photographer, Laurie Smithies. Along with striking and beautiful images of well-known locations such as the 199 Steps, the Prince George Bridge and Whitby Abbey our gallery also contains images of:

  • Whitby East Pier Lighthouse
  • Whitby Beach Sunrise
  • Whitby Whalebones
  • St Mary’s Church

And much more.

We make each of our images available in a variety of formats, from mounted photos and framed prints to our very own collection of Whitby canvases. Each one is individually mastered and produced to the highest industry standards using professional and state of the art equipment and materials designed to ensure optimal vibrancy and clarity.

Immaculately Produced Whitby Pictures

Whilst you are in the area, we recommend paying a visit to some of the other wonderful locations to be found including Runswick Bay, Sandsend and Robin Hoods Bay. Each of these places possesses a unique charm all of its own. Furthermore, they offer a multitude of superb spots and surroundings to capture awe-inspiring images.

The combination of its history, fishing and maritime links as well as being a wonderful place to shop and grab a delicious bite to eat make Whitby a truly special place to experience and see in all its splendour. As a dedicated team of landscape photographers with a passion for this town we strive to capture its beauty and wonder with our photography. As a much-loved location, popular tourist attraction and a place of great historical importance we are committed to delivering the highest quality images that reflect Whitby in all its glory. Our selection is specifically designed to provide our customers with striking images of their favourite spots and locations that they can treasure forever. Please feel free to browse our large selection of canvases, photos and prints where you are sure to discover the perfect image for you.