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Whitby’s West Cliff is home to one of the coastal town’s most famous landmarks, Whalebone Arch. Serving as a symbol of the thriving whaling industry throughout the 18th and 19th century it is a much-loved and frequently visited monument. Appearing majestic from any angle, Whalebone Arch is a joy to shoot and our gallery features a varied selection of images that are available in canvas print and photo format. Our collection of canvases and pictures offers our customers stunning shots of some of the most scenic sites in the UK and Whalebone Arch is no exception. With the use of the finest photography and printing equipment we are able to produce impeccable and industry best canvas prints, pictures and photos and every stage of the printing process is executed with care and diligence. We are dedicated to the provision of the highest standard of images in both canvas print and in photo print and we offer our selection of images at cost-effective prices.

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The bones that make up the 15ft Whalebone Arch were presented to the town as a gift from Alaska in 2003. Unveiled by Miss Alaska, the Bowhead whale bones replaced the 20ft Fin whale jaw bones that had earlier been gifted to the town from Norway in 1963. Throughout England’s years as a whaling nation, sailors would return to domestic shores with these bones as souvenirs. Tied to the mast of approaching ships they would serve as a message to concerned families that there were no casualties. As the whaling industry was so prevalent, Whitby Whale Bones were erected as a tribute and we offer various beautiful photos, pictures and canvas prints of Whalebone Arch.

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