Whitby Abbey's 199 Steps Canvases

One of the most well known parts of Whitby is the famous 199 Steps leading from Church Street up to St Mary’s Church and of course Whitby Abbey. Climbing these stairs and reaching the summit is an absolute must for anyone visiting this unique seaside town, if not just for the experience then for the views of the harbour and West bank from the top of Whitby’s East Cliff.

Standing from the top of the 199 Steps viewers can see the panorama that is the town, harbour, sea and horizon, all in one breathtaking vista. At The North Yorkshire Gallery our resident landscape photographer, Laurie Smithies, has visited this spot often as an inspiration for a number of the pictures featured in our gallery.

Please feel free to browse through our selection of images of Whitby’s 199 Steps. All our landscape photographs are exclusive to The North Yorkshire Gallery and are intended to show our beautiful region at its best.

Stunning Images from Whitby Abbey’s 199 Steps

Starting from the bottom and working upwards, our pictures taken from Whitby Abbey’s 199 Steps show the town from angles and perspectives that many people simply do not take the time to fully appreciate. From views down Church and across the River Esk to the silhouette of the Caedmon Memorial Cross in the background of St Mary’s Church we offer a wide selection of carefully vetted images from this unique location.

Many of the views from this vantage point really are worth savouring, especially when taken at times of the day like sunlight and sunset. At The North Yorkshire Gallery we take pictures not just at different times of the day but also during different seasons to get the best effect of light and shade.

Unique selection of Pictures & Wall Art

Every picture from The North Yorkshire Gallery has been produced to the highest standards using the most advanced equipment and technology available, including an Epson 9900 11 ink printer for superior colour definition and clarity. The result is an image of outstanding vibrancy and realism.

All our images are available for purchase in one of a variety of formats, including:

  • Fine Art Canvas Print
  • Framed Print
  • Mounted Photo
  • Photo Only

All our images of Whitby Abbey’s 199 Steps are available in a number of sizes and we also offer our pictures in custom sizes, although this may affect their delivery. Please enquire within for more information.