Whitby Abbey is a Grade 1 listed building in the care of English Heritage and remains one of the most enduringly popular tourist attractions. October 2017 saw the return of the fabulous illuminations for a week to celebrate Halloween and the Abbey’s literary connections. As the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula and the works of English poet Caedman, Whitby Abbey is a glorious landmark overlooking one of the UK’s most charming coastal towns. We carry a varied selection of images of Whitby Abbey bathed in all the colours of the rainbow and each of our photos, pictures and canvases are produced to the highest standards. We utilise the finest printing equipment possible and our canvas prints and photos perfectly capture the incandescent beauty of the illuminated Abbey.

People travelled from all over the world to witness light being cast on the much-loved atmospheric ruin. It truly was a sight to behold and we have ensured each of our canvases, pictures and photos accurately portrays the stunning beauty of the lights. Fans of the Count himself will love Dracula’s Graveyard and Illuminated Whitby Abbey, a powerful photo of the cemetery against the backdrop of the Abbey illuminated in pink. The breathtaking Illuminated Abbey on canvas print shows the ruin in the brightest gold and pink. See the Abbey in purple as it contrasts with the sublimely dark skies in the photo, Purple Whitby Abbey from St Mary’s. Whitby and Illuminated Abbey is bathed in gloriously warm tones and highlights the extraordinary town that sits beneath the impressively majestic ruin. These images and more are available as canvas prints and photo prints and in various sizes.

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