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Hello and welcome to my website ‘The North Yorkshire Gallery’

I am a landscape photographer living on the Yorkshire coast and I have always had a passion for the outdoors and Yorkshire in general. I feel privileged to have been born and raised in God’s Own County. As a child I would often visit the beaches, waterfalls and woodlands of our county and since 2012 I have found myself revisiting these magical locations as a landscape photographer. I am perhaps a little less adventurous (or more sensible now) and not so keen to get my feet wet or wet at all! I however have a natural urge to find unique perspectives for my images and this sometimes places me in precarious positions but I am a great believer in the end justifies the means. 

The great joys in my life are my partner and our 2 children, who often like to accompany me on some of my evening photography trips, usually continuing their arguments that started over breakfast. Once on location they enjoy capturing images of their own using a Canon 650D in a manner that is probably photography’s equivalent of shooting from the hip, but they are both developing a great eye for it.

Photography for me is not just a passion it is a great escape from the grown up job and adult life as a whole. 

Since leaving school I have always worked in heavy industry, firstly as a steel fabricator – building and maintaining structures for the once massive Teesside steel industry and for the past 16 years as a miner, 1 mile under the North Sea at Boulby Mine near Staithes. 

It is a dream come true for me to be able to enjoy a career as a landscape photographer considering my engineering background.

My partner and I started selling my work (which is all made to giclee standard in house) around our local summer shows, which have now progressed to global sales. It seems extraordinary to me to think that we have now produced work that graces the homes of premier league footballers, sporting stars, famous musicians, producers, five star hotels, all manner of businesses and even the gentry. I am extremely humbled by the support we have received from the public who I can’t thank enough for making this a reality for me. Thank you for visiting the website and I hope you enjoy the photos!


Best wishes Laurie

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