Situated on the North Yorkshire coast, halfway between Saltburn and Whitby, Staithes is a distinctive coastal village that is a firm favourite of the landscape photographers at the North Yorkshire Gallery. Its combination of fascinating history and coastal charm make it a truly wonderful place to visit and as dedicated photographers we strive to capture everything this delightful village has to offer through the highest quality images.

At one time, Staithes was one of the largest fishing ports on the North East coast and although much of the trade has been lost over time, its impact remains apparent and forms the backdrop for many of our images. At the turn of the century there were over 80 fishermen active in Staithes and despite the decrease in trade there are still some part-time fishermen to be found there. The village is well known for its long-standing use of the Coble. This fat-bottomed and high-bowed boat was specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions in the North East and remains an iconic part of the village’s rich fishing history.

Our pictures of Staithes have been taken in all seasons and at various times during the day, ensuring a vibrant and varied collection of images. Our work is the result of our long held passion for not only the village but also its residents. We strive to successfully capture the essence of village life as it exists today and ensure it is reflected through our pictures.

Staithes is often described as a magical place that appears to be lost in time. With its quaint cottages and winding streets it can feel like you have stepped into an age gone by. It is a popular location for amateur and professional geologists since a rockfall in the 1990s led to the discovery of a rare fossil of a seagoing dinosaur. The village’s most famous resident was none other than Captain James Cook. It was during his time spent in Staithes that he first gained his passion for the sea, inspiring him to move to nearby Whitby.

Staithes also has its very own pub crawl. Starting at the Fox and Hounds and concluding at the Cod and Lobster on the harbour the Roxby Run is popular with both residents and tourists alike. The crawl is of course, named after Roxby Beck which converges with Easington Beck and Mounter Beck to form Staithes Beck and then flow into the North Sea.

Within our collection you will find images that are set against the backdrop of the sky above, the sea below and the horizon in the distance. With panoramic views facing both inland and out to sea, each image carries a distinctive aesthetic. You can choose from Staithes Low Tide Sunset, Staithes Summer Morning, Staithes Fishing Fleet and much more. Incorporating a delicate interplay of light and shadow, each picture, photograph and bespoke Staithes canvas we carry is entirely unique and holds within a vibrancy and character that bring this magnificent coastal town to life.

Print, Photo, Canvas and Picture Finish Available

Each of our Staithes images is available for purchase in any one of a number of formats, including photo, mounted photo and canvas print. We work to the highest industry standards and you can be sure that each of our products is individually produced to offer outstanding results. We make use of only the latest equipment and materials available including an Epson 9900 printer to facilitate exceptional print quality. Our work is second to none and we are committed to delivering nothing less than the finest results every time.

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