One of the most popular tourist spots along the North Yorkshire coastline, Robin Hoods Bay has a long and proud history and is set in a beautiful rolling natural landscape.

This small village lies 5 miles south of Whitby, around 15 miles north of Scarborough and is known predominantly as a fishing and tourist destination today. With its coastal countryside walks, wonderful places to eat and drink, family friendly beaches and various ancient legends Robin Hood’s Bay is a magical place that attracts tourists and visitors throughout all seasons. Often referred to as the Dinosaur Coast, due to the many fossils discovered on the beach it is a truly unique location, filled with exciting history and striking scenery.

Robin Hoods Bay’s beach was named one of the top 25 in the world by Passport magazine. The publication described it as a “photographer’s delight”. This charming village features many scenic locations from the incredible cliff-top views and the cobbled streets and houses that have stood for centuries to the fossil filled coast and the rolling gray waters. Some say that walking on the beach can feel like walking through the very legends that account for so much of the village’s unique history and character.

Legend has it that the fabled Nottingham outlaw that the village shares its name with once returned some stolen loot to Robin Hood’s Bay following an encounter with French pirates that had recently spent time pillaging the North East coast and the boats of local fishermen. Whilst there is no evidence that Robin Hood ever visited, the village still boasts a long and impressive history. It was the setting for the three Bramblewick novels by Leo Walmsley, a former resident of the bay. His second novel would later be adapted into a 1935 film ‘Turn of the Tide’, which was also shot on location in the village.

The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam holds old North Sea charts that were published by Dutch cartographer Waghenaer in 1586. The charts contain descriptions of Robin Hood’s Bay and its major importance as a fishing port at the time. For centuries, fishing and farming were the main occupations entered into by each generation until the decline of the trade in the 19th century.

The tradition of smuggling in Robin Hood’s Bay is well-documented and at one point the village was home to the largest smuggler community on the North Yorkshire coastline. Various commodities such as gin, rum, brandy, tea and tobacco regularly passed through the village on their way to markets throughout Britain. It is believed by many that the houses in the village are all linked by a network of underground passages.

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