Whitby’s 199 Steps

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Whitby’s 199 Steps 2015 Landscape

Whitby’s 199 steps from the slopes of St.Hilda’s Church. Maybe one of the most cherished landscape images of Yorkshire. A beautiful scene just after sunset with the flowers in full bloom, a great angle of the town taking in views of Whitby bandstand, Khyber Pass and the famous Whitby whale bones. Standing near the whalebones is a statue to Whitby’s most famous resident Captain James Cook. In 1755 Cook join the Royal Navy and in 1766 he gain his first commission as the commander of the HMS Bark Endeavour, built on the River Esk by Thomas Fishburn.

On a personal note i was delighted that this image was used by Yorkshire Coastal Cottages on the front cover of their 2016 brochure.


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