Whitby Whalebones In Spring

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Whitby Whalebones Sunrise

One of my favourite images from 2016 was probably this one of the Whitby Whalebones sunrise and i was delighted that it was chosen by Yorkshire Coastal Cottages to be there front cover for their 2017 brochure.
The bones stand here at Kyber Pass on Whitby’s West Cliff as a monument of whitby’s whaling heritage. Whaling and boat building were the main industry’s of the town, sadly there is only one active ship yard on the Esk but whitby still boasts and fishing fleet but these days the catch is herring and cod, both of which play a large part supporting whitby’s tourism industry with the fish and chips here been the best in the world. An absolute must see for any visitor to Whitby is the Traditional smoke house on Henrietta Street which dates back to 1872, this is where the herring are smoked creating the famous Fortune’s Whitby cured kippers.


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