Whitby Whalebones In Spring, Portrait

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Whitby Whalebones In Spring

A glorious sunrise at Whitby on the Yorkshire coast. The Whitby Whalebones stand at Kyber Pass on Whitby’s West Cliff, they were erected in 1963. The Blue Whalebones were given by Graham Leach and Thor Dhal. They stand here to honour the men of Whitby who risked there life’s in the icy water of the Artic, hunting the largest creature in the world. In the 17th and 18th century Whitby was a massive Whaling port, and between 1753 and 1833 the 55 Whitby based ships returned with 2500 seals and 2761 whales. The inventor of the crows nest William Scoresby brought the record tonnage back to Whitby from all the Artic voyages. Whitby’s harbour side was filled with large boiler houses where the whale blubber was turned into oil, making everything from soap to lubricants. Much of the oil was used in the Victorian street lamps with replicas still remanning on the 199 steps. Every part of the whale was used from cartilage for glue and skin for leather. The whaling industry came to demise in Whitby as in the rest of the UK with the discovery of new petrol oils.


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