Whitby Saltwick Bay – Admiral Von Tromp Sunset

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Admiral Von Tromp

Just south of Whitby on the Jurassic Coast is Saltwick Bay. The Admiral Von Tromp ran aground at Saltwick Bay on 30th September 1976. The trawler had left Scarborough heading for the Barnacle Bank fishing grounds forty-five miles north north- east of Scarborough. The vessel had actually been steered 90 degrees off course, heading due west. At the wheel was John Addison who was considered to be very experienced. As John Addison drowned in the wheelhouse that day it is impossible to know why the trawler was so far off course especially as it was equipped with modern navigational aids. At the inquest a nautical surveyor said that the boat could not have found its way onto the rocks and said it had to have been a deliberate act.

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