Whitby Harbour Mouth, Panoramic

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Whitby Harbour Mouth

A summer sunrise on the Yorkshire Coast at Whitby. The morning light breaks through the clouds and shines down reflecting on the North Sea and Whitby harbour. This location on Khyber pass offers a fantastic vista onto the historic whaling port of Whitby. Much of Whitby’s history as a major port on the East Coast was captured in photos by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe left a remarkable photographic record of Whitby fishing and life around the harbour in late victorian times. His most famous shot ” Water Rats ” taken in 1886 gained him international recognition and he retired in Whitby in 1922 becoming curator of the Whitby museum. Frank Sutcliffe’s achievements were honoured by the Royal Photographic Society in 1935 when they made him an honouree member.


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