Little Roseberry And Roseberry Topping

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Roseberry Topping

A stunning view over Captain Cook Country from the Newton Moor on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. A winding path leads off the moor to Roseberry Topping. The hill its self grid ref NZS79126 is a famous Teesside landmark, and has been used for century’s for navigation and as a warning to local farmers to warn of impending storms. A popular local saying in times gone by was “when Roseberry Topping wears a cap, let Cleveland beware of clap”.
Standing at 320m or 1049 feet above sea level Roseberry Topping Dominates the Tees Valley below and can also be seen from many of the ridges in the In the North Yorkshire Moors. Over the years Roseberry Topping has been mined and quarried for Ironstone Jet and Alum like much of the Cleveland area but this mining activity was probably responsible it suffered n a summers night in 1912 giving the fell a similar look to a Swiss mountain known as the Matterhorn.
Teesside’s Mini Matterhorn has now been designated A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in a geological review. Roseberry Topping is a site of national importance largely due to the massive amount of fossils the hill contains both animal and plant that indicates that this part of North East England had a marsh like environment during the Jurassic period.


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