Cliff Ridge Roseberry Topping, Twilight

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Cliff Ridge Roseberry Topping

Cliff Ridge Roseberry Topping under a blanket of snow which has covered most of the Cleveland Hills and other large areas of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. The plains at the foot of Roseberry Topping today calm and peaceful have been inhabited for thousands of years, long before the Vikings settled in the area giving the Fell a name thats translates as Odin’s Hill, Activity can be traced right back to the Bronze Age with artifacts been found hidden on the slopes of Roseberry Topping and are now kept in the Sheffield City Museum, remains of enclosers, huts and pottery dating back to 110 BC have also been discovered.
But of all the people that have been born, lived or worked in the area around Roseberry Topping, none are more famous than the British Empires greatest ever explorer Captain James Cook. Born in what is now a suburb of Middlesbrough, James spent 9 years of his childhood under the shadow of Roseberry Topping when his father took a job at Aireyholme Farm near the village of Great Ayton. James would attend School in the village in his younger years. Anybody who has visited this part of Yorkshire will Know that it is one of those places that is crying out to be explored with Roseberry Topping’s dominance of the area a useful marker to keep your bearings, and this must have inspired and nurtured Captain Cooks sense of adventure a navigational skills from a young age. When James was 16 he moved Staithes on the North East Coast, and it was between here and Whitby that he learned seamanship and his brilliant Career in the Royal Navy as an explorer and Map maker began, Captain James Cooks chart were so remarkably accurate some are still used to this day.


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