Whitby Night Panoramic

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Whitby Night Panoramic

Whitby is a seaside town located on the east coast of North Yorkshire. It is a popular town, both with residents of the surrounding area, and with visitors to North Yorkshire; consequently it is a busy town all year round. In this Whitby night panoramic you can see the East Cliff of the town, there lies the impressive ruins of Whitby Abbey; one time home to the earliest known English poet, Caedmon. The monastery was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries, during the English Reformation in the reign of Henry VIII. On the West Cliff can be found the interesting feature of a whalebone arch. Although not the original monument, having had to be replaced in 2002 due to the existing bones having decayed over time; it is the actual jaw bone of a whale. The monument is a reminder of the once thriving whaling industry associated with the town.

It was in Whitby, and the nearby village of Staithes, that the famous explore Captain Cook first gained in interest in seamanship. Cook’s ship the Endeavour was actually built in the town. Whitby also has connections with Bram Stoker’s well known vampire, Count Dracula; with the story having Dracula first coming ashore in Whitby in the guise of a black dog. It is Dracula’s association with the town that has inspired the world famous Goth festival, with Goths meeting in the town in the spring and autumn every year.

With its history and many interesting features, coupled with the many and varied shops and eating places, it is little wonder that Whitby is such bustling town all year round.


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The printed canvas is protected by a museum grade matt varnish invisible to the naked eye, this offers additional protection against UV light, scuffs and abrasions. A 38mm deep hardwood frame is then used to hand wrap the canvas. ( NB for Mini Canvas an 18 mm deep frame will be used ).

In the final stage wedges are added inside the canvas which maintains an even tension throughout the print and keeps the material taut. Corner bumpers are added ensuring the picture sits evenly on the wall, this also allows for ventilation thus reducing the build up of dust. Finally a sawtooth hanger is fitted and your canvas print will arrive ready for display.

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We offer 6 fine art papers from matt to metallic gloss to satisfy any preference, the paper is supplied by Fotospeed who are industry leaders in fine art production. Please see Paper Type Info

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After selecting the framed print from picture type option there is a choice of 4 sizes available from A5 to A2. The picture size refers to the size of the print. The total size including the mount and frame are as follows;

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We offer a choice of 6 very different but equally striking fine art papers, all produced by world leading Giclee specialists Fotospeed.

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There are 2 mounts available in a choice of white or ivory.

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Finally after you have selected picture type, size, paper type and mount colour there is a choice of 4 stylish modern frames to compliment the image. Choose between black, white, oak effect or rustic.

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Frame mouldings are approximately 38mm wide and are 15mm deep. Framed A5, A4, and A3 prints are fitted with an optical glass of the highest quality, whilst framed A2 prints will be posted with a high clarity safety glass. Frames are completed with a sawtooth hanger and wil arrive ready for display.

All prints are done using the new Canon award winning PROGRAF PRO 4000 printer and Lucia Pro inks, see printing process for more details.

Our new printing process is something we are really proud of.

The North Yorkshire Gallery traditionally had always used Epson printers for canvas and print as they were the industry leaders in fine art production. However in 2017 Canon launched the new PROGRAF PRO line of printers that shook the printing world and set the new benchmark for ultimate fine art printing.

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This is a fine art 300gsm cotton rag matt paper, the smooth cotton pH neutral paper has a life expectancy of over 85 years. Saturated colours and detail are simply stunning on this reflection free surface.

Smooth Pearl

The smooth pearl is a 290gsm semi-gloss fine art paper with a textured surface making the image more visible from all angles while reducing glare and reflection. The surface allows for easier handling which helps eradicate scuffs and finger prints. This highest quality photographic paper has a crisp finish, leaving breath-taking colours and detail.


The lustre is a multi-award winning semi-gloss 275gsm photographic paper with stunning details and vivid colours. A textured surface allows for easier handling and the reduced glare and reflection allows for better visibility from all angles.

Metallic Lustre

This is a stunning 275gsm semi-gloss paper, the metallic lustre finish is simply breath-taking with saturated colours and crystal clear details.


This is a 270gsm photographic fine art paper with a high gloss finish.

Metallic Gloss

This 275gsm highest quality photographic paper offers a superb finish with striking colours and remarkable details in a gloss metallic effect finish.

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